Some Things Never Change

One thing about Mark that I learned very quickly is that he’s very passionate about sports. Whether it’s sitting in front of the TV watching games or playing on the court. It’s all about winning and he can get very intense. It took a little getting used to when I first met him. When he had the hot hand, he knew it and was very insistent that we take advantage of him being “on.” I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in a “win or go home” situation during volleyball tournaments and he’d go, “Just put it in the air, Baby, and I’ll take care of the rest!” And he was usually good on his word. He hates losing. H-A-T-E-S it with a fiery passion.

Last week I went to his volleyball game with him. After it was over I was waiting for him to finish talking to someone after the game. They were pretty involved in their conversation and I ended up walking over to meet the guy he was talking with. Turns out it was a guy he used to play basketball with 20-some years ago. They were laughing, talking, reminiscing when I walked up. Mark introduced me to him and I was tickled to meet him because I’ve heard stories about this guy for ages. His friend immediately feels the need to tell me a story:

Their team was playing the championship game. They were losing and there wasn’t much time left. One of the guys on the team called a time out and while they were standing in the huddle, Mark goes, “Just give me the ball and I’ll take you to the Promised Land!”

That’s my man! It is so comforting to know that some things never change!

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