ABCs Of Style

Today was my second day back at work. What I’m finding is that pants are not comfortable. With healing innerds, I thought that the crotch of regular pants would be horribly uncomfortable. Turns out I was wrong. The waistband on my pants (especially low rise waistbands) sit right at the top of my newly placed bladder so when I sit down, the band pushes uncomfortably against my bladder. It hurts. Because of this, leggings or yoga pants are really my best option. The problem is that the things I typically wear with leggings are sweater dresses. It has been way too hot to wear a sweater dress. I love the warm weather but I’m about ready to start performing a rain dance (or cold weather dance) to bring on temperatures that are more suitable for sweaters.

I start off the morning looking really beautiful. I think you’d be surprised at the sexiness with which I roll out of bed. 

I know. I know. This kind of hawtness is pretty difficult to resist. I mean, where else can you find hair that will stand at complete attention? I won’t even mention the horrible grey roots in desparate need of coverage, or the racoon-eyed look from not taking my mascara off last night before bed. Hell, I could almost walk into work just like that. I’m sure nobody would mind.

As comfortable as I am when I first roll out of bed in the morning, it is not a viable option for a place of business. So I have to go to a little effort.

Hair. Under control!  Whoot. That, folks, is sometimes a challenge. Especially because Mark used my blow drier to defrost the freezer in the TV room and blew out something because it would only blow cold air this morning. It took forever to dry my hair with cold air. Urgh.

Black leggings. Very comfortable. I’m not sure how I lucked out, but the waistband is very high, so it sits up by my natural waist line. Relieves any pressure that could cause me pain. They also have a control panel in them so I feel like it gives me additional abdominal support. Something that has been very much lacking since my surgery.

Red sweater. I love red (not that you could tell by the deep red wall in the background)! I bought the cutest belt to go with this sweater, completely forgetting that the sweater had pockets in the front so it isn’t condusive to wearing a belt. The thing that I like best about the sweater is that it isn’t HOT! I can wear it in 60+ degree weather and not die from heat exhaustion.

Simple black flats. Normally I wear boots with leggings. Too hot. Plus, all my boots except the fur lined ones are heels. I haven’t been brave enough to try heels yet. I’ve been having back aches because of the lack of abdominal strength and I just don’t think that heels would help out that aspect at all. So, I’ll stick to flats for the time being.

So….one outfit that doesn’t cause me discomfort. Yay. Tomorrow is casual Friday, which typically means jeans. Tomorrow it’ll mean yoga pants. Next week is supposed to be in the 40s so I should be able to wear a “traditional’ sweater dress. This whole “dressing fashionably but comfortably” is WAY beyond my capabilities. I need a wardrobe manager!

3 thoughts on “ABCs Of Style

  1. I think you did pretty darn well! I wish I could pull off sweater dresses, but I have the same problem. I get way too hot just wearing long sleeved shirts in the winter.

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