POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

On A Roll Again

My first day back to work in three weeks! I feel I have to mention again what fantastic co-workers I have! As I was going through my nearly 2000 emails I saw one that had my name in the subject line. I think my boss forgot to take me off the list of recipients, but he said that I’d been approved to come back to work half days until the end of February, which would leave me with 24 hours of time that I didn’t have enough sick leave to cover and that if anyone wished to donate some of their time they would be welcome to do so. Barely five minutes later he sent another email saying to stop because they had enough. It was all I could do to not burst into tears, I was just so overwhelmed with their generosity. When I got home and told Mark, his eyes immediately welled up with tears, too. I feel so blessed to work for such a place even though at times they drive me nuts.

I spent the whole afternoon reading. First emails and then vendor bulletins. So much information packed into my brain. And I was in work clothes! Who knew that work clothes were so binding and uncomfortable??  After a few hours I was ready to get out of there and put my yoga pants back on. I’ll definitely have to rethink the wardrobe because I can’t concentrate when I’m so uncomfortable.

All in all, it was a productive day and I made it. It should just get easier from here on out. I’m happy to see progress.


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