Stir Crazy

It's been five days. That's all. Just five days of doing nothing. On day five, though....I can begin walking. Short distances. Easy pace. Not overdoing it. Just easy walking. Is it weird that this is what I've been looking forward to for the last five days? Just the ability to be mobile and really begin … Continue reading Stir Crazy

Mommy Wars, Really?

I am well past the years of being a stay at home mom. I am well past the years of having children living in my house. I am free from the trenches of the mommy wars. So, why does this topic stir up such strong emotions in me? Why does this topic send me from … Continue reading Mommy Wars, Really?

Best Laid Plans

Surgery was scheduled for 8:30am tomorrow. This means nothing but liquids 24 hours prior (thank god it didn't have to be CLEAR liquids). Nothing at all 8 hours prior. Was gonna sit in the hot tub tonight. Take a shower and scrub down with antibacterial soap. Shave my legs, et. al. Go to bed with … Continue reading Best Laid Plans

What If…

I've never been a worrier. I think it's part of my genetic make up to remain calm during emergency situations (get that from Dad, NOT from Mom). I'm confident in my ability to handle any situation that should arise. I'm also a planner so I prepare for "what if" type situations. As an example, a … Continue reading What If…

Stand Up

I believe that you all know that I go to great lengths to stay out of political and religious discussions. Especially at work. I work with a lot of VERY conservative people. And there is nothing wrong with being conservative. I'm pretty conservative myself, although a little more left leaning than most conservatives. I have … Continue reading Stand Up