Family and Relationships

Two Peas In A Pod

My husband and I are very much alike. As with anybody, he has strengths that I don’t have and I’ve got strengths that he doesn’t. We really complement each other and work well together as a couple.

One of the things that I love about him the most is his ability to make me laugh. He’s kind of a dork and  I find that to be one of his most endearing qualities. His birthday was last week (52 years young) and it was a fairly uneventful week. With me being laid up and not able to do much of anything we kept our celebrations to merely going out to dinner with Michelle and her SO on Saturday night. Neither of us are big into getting gifts. We figure if we need anything we just buy it for ourselves throughout the year so our gifts typically include a card. I know. We’re horribly exciting.

Well, last week one of my co-workers brought dinner over with a card that everyone in the office had signed. It was very sweet. I went, “Aw.” And then set the card on the piano.  See:

That’s what I do with cards. I read them and set them on the piano so that I can see it for a while, then I’ll either put it away for scrap booking, or I’ll toss it….depending on the sentimental value of the card.

It just so happened that the same day I received my card, Mark got a birthday card in the mail from his dad and stepmom. This wasn’t just any ordinary card. It was a card that unfolded into a poster. A poster for a 52 year old man. He came in with the card unfolded waving it at me, “My card is better than your card.” Oh yeh, he’s not juvenile in the least. I chuckled at him and said, “Well, my card’s prettier than your card.” That was the extent of our conversation about the card and he left the room. I thought he’d probably gone down the hall to set the card on the piano…you know…since that is where we have ALWAYS put cards. But no…later on that day I went into the kitchen to get a snack and I found this on the fridge:

Mature, Babe. Real mature!


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