Two Things Of Note

During the battle of the booty (or whatever) I’ve been fighting a losing battle. But I haven’t quit fighting. I’ll never quit fighting. Because of this, I have to count the small victories.


My stitches are dissolving! YES! My doctor told me that they would dissolve between the two week and one month mark and that I would notice a different color and possible odor (yes, that’s a lovely word) but not to freak out because it was normal. Well, I must say that my doctor did not do justice to his description. I have a very vivid imagination. But that vivid imagination did not do justice to what the doc was trying to tell me. Holy funkiness. I’m glad he attempted to warn me of what I can expect or I’d have been on the phone with him going “what the hell, what the hell, what the hell!?!?!?!?!?!” As it is, I’m just going, “Holy shit, he wasn’t kidding!”


I didn’t pee in the shower! What? You were expecting something magical? Trust me. This is magical! The hot water hitting my body and the sound of the hot water hitting my brain synapses has always (or at least for a very long time) meant peeing in the shower. The water hit my body. The sound hit my synapses. My body said, “Time to pee in the shower now.” And I said, “Oh, no it isn’t!” And I didn’t!  Bazinga!!

Me – 2 points!

Pelvic Organ Prolapse – 5,394,030,492,833,894 points

Watch out POP, I’m gaining on you! I. Am. Gaining. On. YOU!!!!!  And I will kick your ass!!  One little step at a time!  BooYah!!

2 thoughts on “Two Things Of Note

    • Indeed! I almost mentioned that I shaved my legs (that was a chore), but it really didn’t have much to do with my recovery (except perhaps my mental health recovery). 🙂 Tomorrow…drinking and driving (NOT at the same time) will go a LONG way towards the mental health aspect. 🙂

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