Stir Crazy

It’s been five days. That’s all. Just five days of doing nothing. On day five, though….I can begin walking. Short distances. Easy pace. Not overdoing it. Just easy walking. Is it weird that this is what I’ve been looking forward to for the last five days? Just the ability to be mobile and really begin my recovery.

Mom and Dad were going to come visit me today or tomorrow. She said she’d give me a call and let me know which day. So I thought I’d have them take me to the mall so that I could wander around. I never heard from her so I guess they’re coming up tomorrow.

So my plan was to use the treadmill and set it to a 1.5 – 2 mph pace. Nice and slow. Maybe walk for about five minutes. I can do that a couple times a day so that when I’m released to full activity in March I won’t die from the sudden motion.

I went down to the workout room this after noon after it became clear that my parents weren’t coming up, happy as a clam to have a plan B, and plugged the tread mill in. Set it to 1.5 mph and pressed the start button. It began rolling and I began walking. I even began humming a little ditty. Then the thing started chugging. Like it thought it was out of gas but wasn’t quite sure. Apparently, it doesn’t like any speed under three mph. And that’s too fast. It would be very counter-productive to healing if I were to even attempt to walk that fast.

So I came back upstairs and made a new plan. I figured that Mark could drive me to the mall when he got home from work and we could go for a walk there. If I got tired, there are benches all over where I can sit and rest for a spell. It was a beautiful day outside today…mid 60s and it would have been perfect to just go for a walk in the middle of the day. But being my first walking outing, I didn’t dare go by myself. I have no idea how my body is going to react to exercise. I’m sure I would have been fine, but I really want to be careful and not overdo it and not get myself into any unexpected predicaments. So….a walk at the mall after Mark got home sounded like a good plan.

Another plan. Another let-down. I asked him if he’d take me to the mall and he said we could do that if I wanted to. He was exhausted. Grueling day at work. He changed out of his work clothes into shorts and a t-shirt and came back in the TV room and I knew by the look on his face that I wasn’t going anywhere. He said that tomorrow he promised he would take me to the mall, but today he just wanted to stay home if that was OK.

So, here I sit. Going out of my ever lovin’ mind.  I think I’ll just skip the plans during the remainder of my time off. Foiled plans make me more nuts than being stir crazy.

3 thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. Wish we lived closer. I’d take you to the mall for a good walking (and perhaps some shopping!) Hope you’re feeling well and that things are mending nicely.

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