POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

All’s Well That Ends Well

Big day yesterday. Last night while I wasn’t sleeping, I had this whole fabulous post “written” in my brain. Now all I can think to tell you is that the surgery went very well. The doctor said it went better than he had hoped for. He said that typically when he does a surgery after a “botched” surgery that he has to go in a fix some of what the previous doctor had already done. He said that she did a VERY good on the posterior repair so he didn’t even have to touch it. He was able to get in, get the bladder pinned up, do the anterior repair, put the mid-urethral sling in and wham, bam, thank you ma’am, he was done. Just under an hour for the actual surgery.

The nurse that was with me post-op was fabulous! She had just had the same procedure as me last November. It was reassuring knowing that she had gone through the same thing so recently and could totally relate to what I was going through. She had the posterior and anterior repair done…same thing I was supposed to have had done originally.

Perhaps when I’m not in a drug induced haze I can more clearly communicate. I just wanted to let you know that the surgery went well. I’m feeling better than I have in a LONG time. I’m in some pain, but that’s to be expected and the pain meds are helping take the edge off. But I feel hopeful. For the first time in a long time I feel like I will be able to have my life back. That I will be able to get my body back. That I will be able to do all those things that I have been missing out on. I’m looking forward to life again. I’ve been in a dark place for a long time, but now all I see is light. And it feels good. It feels good to not be burdened by a faulty body. I still have a couple hurdles to pass during the next day or two (gotta have my first post-op poop, and we know how well that went the last time). But I’ve been eating fiberous foods by the gallons and following the bowel regimen to a tee, so I’m hoping that goes as smoothly as the rest of the rest of it has gone.

Meds have completely kicked in. That means I’m going to have to say adieu. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be more alert. Thank you all so much for your prayers, good thoughts, juju, support. It really has meant a lot that there are so many people out there pulling for me. Hugs to you all!


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