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Karma, She’s A B*tch

Or is she?????

When we think of Karma, I think we tend to always think of her biting someone’s ass. I know that I don’t tend to think of Karma in a positive way. Today my mind changed a little bit.

About ten years ago one of my co-workers went in to the hospital to have simple procedure done. A stent put into his heart. He’d been having some issues and the stent was going to help him. Well, whatever it is that they use to insert the stent malfunctioned and perforated his artery which put him into emergency open heart surgery. What was supposed to be an out patient procedure ended up being an extended hospital stay. It came to my attention that he would have to take some of his time off without pay because he didn’t have enough sick leave to cover it. I had DAYS of sick leave because I never use it.  So I went to the owner and asked if I could donate some of my sick leave to him. I gave him all but two days worth. I figured that would be enough should my allergies act up to where I didn’t want to go into work sniffing, snotting and snorting.

A few years after that, one of my colleagues was in a horrific car accident. Hit and run. He was in ICU for weeks fighting for his life. Once he was released and on the road to recovery he was in the same situation where he didn’t have the sick leave needed so I donated some of my time to him as well.

It’s been years. I haven’t given those two instances any thought. Even as I’ve been hording my sick leave over the past year and a half in preparation for my surgery I haven’t thought about donating that time to my co-workers, my friends.

I’ve been anticipating some of my time off being unpaid because I knew I’d need to be off work longer than the amount of sick leave I have. I’ve saved some vacation time because I knew this was coming, but with the family weddings this year, there wasn’t a lot of that left and it doesn’t renew until March. My boss is also very kind and will allow me to work from home whenever I’m feeling up to it. So I do have options to limit the amount of unpaid time.

This afternoon, just before I left work for the day, the boss sent me an email and said that a couple of my colleagues had asked if they could donate some of their sick leave to me and that she would let me know the amount of time once it’s been finalized. I was stunned. It never occured to me that someone would do something like that for me. I was deeply touched by the gesture.

So, yah. There’s that Karma Bitch rearing her ugly head. The moral of this story (in case you need me to draw a picture) is to always be kind to people. I really believe it’s true that what goes around comes around. And if you’re passing around shit, it is shit you will get in return. And if you’re kind, it is kindness you will get in return.



7 thoughts on “Karma, She’s A B*tch”

  1. That’s so great! And you’re right, I also usually think in the “karma’s a bitch” way and the reminder that she can be super awesome was needed. I will remember that the next time I have the opportunity to do something nice for someone.

    1. Pay it forward (good movie)!! Did you see that movie? 🙂 I watched it with my sister and she goes, “How are you NOT crying?” She thought I was a cold hearted bitch or something. LOL

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