POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

The Epiphany

I’m in the camp of “Everything happens for a reason.” When bad things happen I try to find the silver lining behind the cloud. Today, I found my silver lining. Had my epiphany, if you will.

In June of 2010 when I went in to fix my prolapsed pelvic organs, my doctor accidentally punctured my bladder. This is old news. You all know that. You know of the frustrations and pain that has followed. I have been angry. Oh, so angry at the inconvenience of having to have a second surgery.

When we were talking to the specialist last week I was quizzing him on how he was going to do the repair and asked him about the mesh that has been in the news recently that has been causing so many problems. Basically, a mesh was developed for hernia repair and it has improved the success rates for hernias astronomically. Some GYN decided it would be a good idea to use this for bladder lift surgeries. And it seemed to be a good idea. Until recently when it was discovered that there were pretty severe side effects that they don’t experience when it is used to fix a hernia. So…mesh is bad when it comes to lifting the bladder. My doctor assured me he had never used the mesh to fix a bladder and that he wouldn’t be using it now.

On my way home from work today a conversation popped into my memory. When my original doctor punctured my bladder she was telling me that the urologist who fixed me up wouldn’t allow her to fix the bladder. When I asked why, she said that they couldn’t put the mesh on until the bladder was healed. Guys! She was going to use the mesh! So today. Even though it’s been a pain, I am grateful for her mistake. I will have my repair done properly and without that added risk of complication…the mesh!


9 thoughts on “The Epiphany”

  1. What, 99% to the lawyers isn’t fair?? C’mon! No, seriously I’m so happy it actually worked out the best way possible for you.

  2. But now you can’t get in on the class action lawsuit! With those amazing lawyers! I mean, they are PAID ACTORS as well as lawyers! Bummer!


    1. Hah! class action, right! By the time the lawyers take their cut, the poor litigants would get barely a handful. So….not missing out on anything. 🙂

  3. I am glad that (fingers crossed) your dilemma with this will hopefully be coming to an end soon. And also happy for that twist of fate that made sure that this is going to be fixed correctly, without the risk of it being botched again due to the use of the mesh

    1. When I started seeing the commercials on TV about the problems with the mesh it would send me into tears. I was so afraid I would NEVER get my life back. I was so glad to have my doc explain what the issues were. When it dawned on me today that it could have been me having issues because of the mesh it was just like this weird weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Like I have gone through all of this for a reason. Sometimes it just takes a little time to see the good in a bad situation.

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