This year Mark and I decided that we were buying a hot tub, therefore we were NOT going to buy each other Christmas presents. Shockingly, we stuck to that deal! This is atypical. Every year we make a deal to not buy each other presents and every year we break the deal. But not this year.

We bought it from our friends, T&W. They haven’t used it since last February and were so sick and tired of paying the exhorbitant electric bills. The hot tub was constantly running during the winter to keep the water hot. So they found it ridiculous to pay that price when they weren’t even using it.

Mark and I are hot tub people. We will sit in a hot tub on a summer night when it’s stupidly muggy out. We don’t care. So T&W shot us a great deal on the tub. Mark took off the Friday before New Year’s to get it set up because it was 60-ish degrees outside. He figured out that he, Matt and a passle of Matt’s buddies couldn’t move the damned thing, so Mark hired a guy to come in and move it. Two old guys moved a tub that six burly young guys couldn’t handle. *shrug*

We got it set on the patio and the hot tub guys proceeded to get it hooked up. In 30-ish degree, windier than hell weather and Mark set about putting the insulation in around the underneath side of the tub. It was about this time that T stopped by to see how the installation was going. He saw Mark shoving insulation inside and with a quizzical look on his face goes, “Hmmm. That’s a great idea.”

Good thing he’s pretty.