To clear up the whole xmas thing, the use of the x is NOT taking the Christ out of Christmas.

“The idea of using “X” in place of Christ is not a modern idea. In the Modern Roman Alphabet, which comes from the Greeks who were before Rome, the first letter of the word “Christ” is “chi” which is represented by a symbol similar to the letter “X.”

X in Ancient Greek is pronounced as the hard “ch.” The Greek Chi or X is the first letter in the Greek word Christos as in Iesus Christos aka Jesus Christ. You will frequently see people write Xmas, as well as Xian, which means Christian, using the same principle.”

The bottom line here is ~ Get your panties out of a wad. Nobody is intentionally trying to offend you!

Shout out goes to my girl @dietdplovingmom for the history lesson.