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Most Wonderful Time…

Best Christmas tradition ever! Candy making. And I’m ridiculous about it. Ask anyone who knows me in real life? I have a whole list of things that I make, most of which I haven’t begun yet. Fudge, toffee, caramels, peanut brittle. It’s time consuming, but my family and friends love it. Here’s all I’ve gotten done so far:

Oreo balls. Good God, they’re awesome!!! One package of oreos (NOT double stuffed) crushed beyond oblivion. One package (8 ounces) cream cheese softened. Mix it togther. Roll it into balls. I put a sucker stick in it thinking it would make the dipping process easier.  Meh. Only helped a little. Dip it in chocolate. Almond bark sets up faster than anything, but you can use whatever dipping substance you prefer. Holy shit, these are good. And I made a ton of them.

There are two more bags since this picture was taken. So yummy. I do the same thing with peanut butter.  A couple cups of peanut butter. A stick of softened butter. About three cups of powdered sugar. Roll into balls. Dip in chocolate. Taste like Reeses.

Still a long way to go, but happy with the progress.


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