Bah Humbug

It’s the little things, really. The small joys in life that make my heart soar.

We had our Christmas with Mark’s dad and step-mom over the weekend. I made them a Shutterfly book with a brief overview of the past year. It has become my go-to gift for the parents because they just eat that shit up. Well, my mom and dad do, anyway! I wasn’t sure how Mark’s parents would handle it. They’re a little different. Family isn’t high up on their list like it is on my parents. But I couldn’t come up with a single other thing that I could get for them. They’ve already got everything that they need.

So, we’re sitting in the living room and I hand them the present. They open it up and my FIL goes, “Hrmph, looks like a calendar.” Cool. Awesome tone in your voice, FIL!!” Then he opened it up. His whole countenance changed. He almost squealed, “It’s a BOOK!” Then he began to flip through it with step-MIL requesting that he hurry so she can look at it.

He handed it to her once he finished and she did the appropriate amount oohing and ahhing. When she was done, FIL says, “Hand that back over here.” Then he looked through it again. We continued visiting as the newly found precious cargo sat on the chair next to him. He couldn’t resist it. He picked it up a third time. Looked through it again. Set it back down. Tried to pay attention to the conversation, but the crack was calling to him and he looked at it yet a fourth time.

I’m very happy to know that a gift from me brought him such happiness. I never in a million years would have thought that would be the case. But I’m glad that he loved it. It’s nice to know that on some level, he is a normal grandpa!

(side note: the link takes you to my blogger blog that I haven’t used since switching over to WordPress, but Shutterfly is connected to Blogger, not WordPress so in order to show you the book….. whew…that’s exhausting…nevermind).

4 thoughts on “Bah Humbug

  1. What a lovely idea!

    My FIL made my husband a big photo album for his birthday (the old school way, with real photo’s) and added captions to every one of them. The album spanned his life up until now. It was really touching and one of the few times I’ve seen my husband cry.

    • I love photo gifts. They’re just so personal! And it takes a little thought. I know that when I get one I feel like the person on the other end has thought about me in the process. And if *I* feel that way about it then I’m sure everyone else feels the same. After all, I’m a very logical person. 🙂

    • I swore I would never switch from traditional scrapbooking to on-line scrapbooking. It just seemed wrong! But I’ll tell you what, they make the best gifts. When you consider the amount of supplies to do a “real” scrapbook versus what it costs to do one on line, it doesn’t even make sense to do a traditional one anymore. And not to get too “shutterfly-lovish” but I made mugs for my parents for their anniversary with pictures of ALL their grandkids. They loved it. I swear, anything with pics of grandkids on it, parents just eat up!!

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