I belong to this on-line community that I adore. Over the past two years I have interacted with some amazing women.  Some of them I have “bonded” with more than others. But I find them all to be fascinating, intelligent, beautiful women. With a few guys strewn into the mix just to keep it interesting (or irritating, depending on…. well, anyway).  So, these women. I’m having a hard time forming words about how I feel about them.

A few years back (maybe  six, seven, eight…don’t remember) my younger brother met a woman on-line and ended up marrying her. I will be honest and admit that I thought it was bizarre. After all, how can you get to know anyone well enough on-line to determine whether or not you want to marry that person? That was then and this is now. Having been on-line for a while now, I totally understand how you can develop great relationships through this kind of interaction.

So, back to my girls. I sent out Christmas cards to a bunch of my girls. My on-line friends. Got an email from a couple of them expressing how much it meant and that makes me happy. One of them said it was the “first real tangible thing from” from me and it struck me that even though we chat practically every day that we’ve never met. And yet I feel like she has been my friend forever. It doesn’t even register in my brain that we’ve never met. Odd, right?

This group of women has become a very integral part of my world. A lot of them are the same ages as my girls are and I feel like I  have this whole world of surrogate daughters. Quite a few of them are old like me and it gives me a whole other realm of sisters. I have come to care about them like family.

I have been very open and honest in this forum from everything to raising kids, to dealing with a special needs child, to health issues, to cheating on my ex husband. I’m not this open with my friends that I see every day, but somehow it’s easy to be completely straight with these girls. I have received countless PMs saying that it was nice to know they weren’t the only one in this situation or that situation.  It is very satisfying to think that I might possibly have made a person here and there feel less alone.

So, during this holiday season I hope that all my girls know the difference they have made in my life and how much I care for them.