Mark and I haven’t been on a cruise since March 2009. To say that I’ve been in withdrawals is a severe understatement. First world problem, I know.

On my way to work I heard a news story about a two week cruise. It takes you to the site of the Titanic. For a mere $60,000.00 you can go on this cruise. What makes it so special? Well, you get to go to see the remains of the once magnificent cruise ship. And how do you get to see the wreckage? You go on a two passenger submarine down to the depths of the icy cold north Atlantic Ocean. A “pilot” and two people. It’s an eight hour round trip. There is no bathroom on the submarine. They suggest you bring a lunch. Details.

If I were to ask you what you saw as the biggest downside to this plan, how many would say the 60 grand? Show of hands?

OK. I admit that the 60 grand is an obstacle. But seriously, people! A two person submarine! Forget the “two person” part of that. It’s a fucking submarine!!! There is no way in hell you could get me into one of those to go see the Titanic. No way! You could pay ME the 60 grand and I would still not agree to go into a two person submarine. That’s just crazy! Crazy talk, I tell you.

Sooooo, I guess I’ll just hold off on my cruise-lust. There’s got to be a better deal around than this.