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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

If you don’t know me, I’m a judgmental bitch. I see a situation and I’m the first to surmise what is actually going on. It is something that I have worked on breaking myself of over the years. It’s difficult, though, when you see a situation that is screaming to be judged.

Yesterday one of my co-workers received a letter from her son’s school. Her son’s Catholic school. It advised parents that one of the priests had reported a virus on his computer and when the IT department came to try and get rid of the virus they found some things on his computer that prompted them to confiscate it and turn it into the police. Until the investigation is over, this priest was put on leave of absent without pay. Tell me where your mind immediately goes.  Yeh, I thought so.

My heart is breaking over this. As I read through the comments on the news’ website condemning this man to hell my whole insides were screaming, “Wait until the investigation is over to spit your poison.” None of the reports indicated what had been found on the computer, yet all the comments were geared towards children. That’s where your brains went, too, didn’t they?

This man has done so many good things for this community. He’s been an example of what a good, Christian person should be.  Everyone has looked up to him. I know it looks bad for him, given the notoriety of Catholic priests, but I just can’t reconcile in my heart that he could do anything so bad. My heart keeps telling my head that it can’t be what the whole city is assuming. A community jumping to the conclusions that I normally would have jumped to, and here I am just willing it to not be so.

My co-worker was one of those spitting poison. I calmly said, “Do you remember when you got the virus on your computer and in the process of cleaning it up they found all that porn?” She nodded. I said, “Did you download all that porn?” Disgustedly she said, “NOOOOO.” “OK, then” I said. “Give him the same benefit of the doubt that we all gave you because we KNOW you. You know this man!”

God dammit! Call me Polyanna, but right now, I want nothing more than for this to be some horrible mistake. I do not want it to be reality.


2 thoughts on “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

    1. I thought of you when the story first broke. And it broke my heart right in two!!! Knowing you has helped me to not jump so quickly to conclusions. So I thank you for that. You have helped me to be a better person. Love ya, girlfriend!!!

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