How did your Thanksgiving weekend go? Mine was awesome. Long, but awesome. Over two thousand miles in five days, but so totally worth it. It was great to see Melissa and her husband, and my sister and her family, and the BEACH!!

Is there anything more satisfying than watching the sun rise over the ocean? There is only one right answer to that question! NO. Nothing is better than that.

The feel of the sand in my toes makes me a happy, happy camper.

Aren’t they beautiful?? The main reason for the trip…to spend time with my girls!

You may enjoy this. It’s Melissa learning how to make Banana Cream Pie. She’s kind of silly.

So…great weekend! Lots to catch up on. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about being poked and prodded at during my pelvic floor therapy session.  I know. I know. You can hardly wait!