I’m pretty good at puzzles. Always have been. My brain just works in a way that’s good at putting things together. Packing a vehicle is right up my alley. I can pack up a car like nobody’s business. Tonight was no differrent. I have so much stuff to take to Melissa’s house. I know that things are more expensive at Melissa’s so I didn’t want to wait and try to find my way around in her store so I went grocery shopping here and will haul it all there.

In my trunk I have:

  • HUGE blue cooler filled with three turkey breasts, six pounds of hamburger, four frozen pie crusts, a quart of half and half, a quart of buttermilk, four round steaks, two pounds of butter
  • Turkey roast stuffed with two pillows (where else am I going to put them?)
  • One boxed set of stove top wear (18 piece pots/pans/utensils set)
  • Ten pound bag of potatoes
  • Styrofoam plates
  • Plastic utensils
  • Plastic party cups
  • Two Rubbermaid containers to hold flour/sugar
  • Flour (5 pounds white, 5 pounds whole wheat, 5 pounds white “whole wheat”)
  • Sugar (10 pound bag)
  • Oil
  • Ziplock bags
  • Turkey baster/wire whisks
  • Duffle bag full of Melissa’s random shit she left at home

I believe there is more stuff than that in there, but I can’t quite remember.  Now, in the back seat (which is normally where I carry my duffle bag full of my clothes) sits:

  • 42″ flat screen TV (Melissa’s wedding present that I’m just now getting around to getting out there for her)
  • Huge sombrero (Melissa’s dad got it for her when he went to Mexico a few years back and she wants it)
  • Kitchen Aid (I’m taking her my old KA since she needs a mixer)…HUGE box, by the way
  • Camera bag/ tripods
  • Sewing machine (Melissa’s Christmas present)
  • Box with misc sewing related items (another part of Melissa’s Christmas)
  • Wrapping paper/tape so that when I buy my son-in-law’s present I have matching wrapping paper, cause I’m weird like that.
  • Stock pot that’s filled with canned goods (pumpkin, olives, evaporated milk, spices, boullion, stove top stuffing)
  • Two blankets

Still to fit in the back seat are mine and Ann’s luggage. I’m not quite sure how that is going to work. Trust me when I say that I’m loaded to the max! And now, I believe I should get loaded to the max. Perhaps I need to hold off on that until I get to Melissa’s house.

Since I’m not sure what Melissa’s internet situation is, this may be my only post of the week. I hope that all my American friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. To my non-American friends, I hope you have a regular normal old week!

See ya on the flip flop!

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