This Is The House That Jack Built

Only I’m not Jack.

And it’s not MY house.

A few months ago we replaced our door downstairs. When we did this, the cat door went away. When I say cat door, I mean cat door that my Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog somehow managed to squeeze through. That is no small feat! With the cat door gone, this left the dogs with no way to get in the house during inclement weather. It became clear that I would either need to cut a hole in my brand new door (nice, solid wood door) or get the dogs a doghouse. Mark began looking on Craigslist for doghouses that would actually fit our giant breed dogs, but was unsuccessful and it became apparent that I was going to need to build it.

If you build it they will come.

So I began the task. We’d just finished pouring out new patio so I had a bunch of lumber that was just sitting in my shop. It worked great for framing up the house.

Getting the stupid thing leveled was probably the most difficult part of the process. There is nothing about my yard that is even. Once I built the base I took it out to level it because I knew that I’d never get it out of the door with any of the framing up. It would be too heavy and too wide. So I took the base out, leveled it, then began putting up the walls.

The roof was the most difficult part. I was just about in tears putting the trusses up.

Here’s the majorly irritating part! Mark reminded me that we had shingles left over from building the shed so I shouldn’t need to buy any. And he was right. We had shingles left over from the shed. I got the first two rows of shingles on the house and went to grab more. Well. They were NOT from the shed. They were from when we re-roofed our house. I said to myself, “It’s just a doghouse.” And I continued on with the shingles. But the more I looked at it, the more it bugged me that two rows were not matching the rest of the roof.

So I fixed it. I still have a hard time looking at the roof because the shed shingles were a different size than the house shingles and I can see the line where they didn’t quite match up. “It’s only a doghouse. It’s only a doghouse.”

Then I framed in the door. Trimmed out the sides. Found out that I suck at using a tape measure. Measure twice, cut once. Yeh. I know the rule. I forgot the rule temporarily but was quickly reminded when I mis-cut the door frame.

Finally got it in all nice and square and then primed the trim.

Ewwww. This picture really shows the stupid roof way too well. “It’s only a doghouse, it’s only a doghouse.”  Come spring when it warms up, the shingles may be coming off and new ones going up. But for now, it serves its purpose. I’ll need to get some straw to put inside. It’s big enough that both dogs can comfortably fit inside. Hell, I can even fit inside and hang out with them. IF I wanted to.

Mostly they are only outside during the day while I’m at work. When I’m home they’re typically inside with me. So this was a whole lotta work for a day-home. But…..

Check this out. This will come as no surprise to anyone who really knows me:

It matches the garden.  ANNNNNDDDDDD……

The other two sheds! Wheeeeeee!  I’m so happy to have it done.

3 thoughts on “This Is The House That Jack Built

  1. I thought you were going to show pictures of the pups hannging out in there! Now you need to go get them some nice comfy blankets to curl up on, that they *hopefully* will leave in there.
    I also have to tell you, I love seeing the pictures of your Berner. I had a Berner X growing up and miss him so darn much!

    • There is no better breed than the Berner! Sweetest, smartest, snuggliest “lap dogs” on the face of the earth. I will post some pictures of Jake just for you. How about that?? 🙂 Oh, and they would never keep blankets in the house, so I’ll use straw.

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