It’s 4 O’Clock In The Morning


Well, actually, it’s not 4am at the moment. But it was earlier. But before that it was 2am. Does it sound like I’ve got insomnia? Well, I don’t. It’s far worse than that. I’ve got CATS!! The love to come snuggle with us when we get in bed. The purring. The cuddling. The nuzzling. They’re fantastic. And I love it! They’re pretty good to curl up at the foot of the bed to go to sleep. Until 2am. Well, 2am for Smokey. Then he comes and gets all up in my face. Rubbing on my cheek and neck. Purring to beat the band. When I put my hand over his teeny little body  to get him to lay down he grabs hold of my hand and starts nibbling and trying to play. At 2am! Unacceptable. I give him a few minutes to settle down and look like he’s going to go to sleep and if he doesn’t settle back down, I put him outside the bedroom and shut the door.

Then I climb back in bed and try to go back to sleep. It’s at this point that I start thinking about all the things that I have to do in the morning when I wake up. And it’s frustrating!

About the time that I start falling back to sleep I hear a little “meroarh” and there’s Bandit standing next to my face. Seriously! I swear I check the bed before I throw Smokey out of the room so that I can get rid of both cats in one fell swoop but she seems to know I’m looking for her and hides. Like Smokey, I give her a few minutes to settle back into sleep before throwing her out of the room. By this time I’m usually so much awake that it’s impossible to fall back to sleep. Well, that is, until the alarm goes off at 6:30, at which time I can’t seem to wake up. Why is that?

Now, you may be shouting at your computer, “Why do you even let them in your room when you go to bed to begin with???” Well, seriously, could you resist this:


They’re so angelic!  Or this:


I love it when she grooms him. It’s so sweet!

Oh my goodness, he is just totally irresistible!!!

They are pretty much inseparable and I love that!! It’s more than I hoped for when I looked for a playmate for Bandit.

They rule the roost. We are at their beck and call. They know it. And I don’t even care. So if I miss a little sleep I’ll shrug it off. Because it’s totally worth it to have these two little muchkins in my house!

Ahhhhh. Whoever thought that the big dog momma would end up a cat person??  Weird.


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