Well, THAT Was Unpleasant!

Check out the category. You know what that means! Soooo. I had my first pelvic floor therapy session. Nothing can quite prepare you for it. The goal is to teach me how to learn how to relax my muscles "down there."  You remember that I told you my pelvic floor muscles are in a constant … Continue reading Well, THAT Was Unpleasant!

Catching Up

How did your Thanksgiving weekend go? Mine was awesome. Long, but awesome. Over two thousand miles in five days, but so totally worth it. It was great to see Melissa and her husband, and my sister and her family, and the BEACH!! Is there anything more satisfying than watching the sun rise over the ocean? There is … Continue reading Catching Up


I'm pretty good at puzzles. Always have been. My brain just works in a way that's good at putting things together. Packing a vehicle is right up my alley. I can pack up a car like nobody's business. Tonight was no differrent. I have so much stuff to take to Melissa's house. I know that … Continue reading Puzzles