I was going to post some pictures from the weekend, but Ann beat me to it. You should really go check it out. I’m very proud of her! She ran her very first half marathon and finished right at two hours. Very impressive if you ask me!

Here are some pictures that she didn’t post:

Mile 2. She is in the maroon shirt and wearing a silly grin. I think she’s pleased to be in this race; what do you think?

Mile 13. Still grinning. This time exhausted and happy to see the finish line.

Of course, Michelle & I had a couple hours to kill while she ran. The course didn’t really allow for us to see her at various points along the route, so it was the start, mile 2, and the finish. But that was good enough. I was happy to be there for moral support!


Bored much?? And this was before the race even started. I think we got the poor girl up much too early.

Victorious over that bitchuvarace! And ready to go home by this time. But she was a great sport as I had to take just one more picture!