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OK, so you know I got my patio done. I spent Sunday morning taking the framing off. I’m turning around in my brain the temporary layout of furniture. I say temporary because the next phase is to bust out the double windows in the kitchen and install french doors, then put a deck up with easy access from the kitchen. As it is, when we grill we carry food downstairs, through the family room, through the bar, through the shop, out the door to the patio where the grill is located. Having a deck off the kitchen will enable me to walk outside of my kitchen to the grill. Heaven on earth, I dare say! I have had my deck plans drawn out for more than five years. FIVE years, people!! That’s a long time to have something planned without having anything done on it. Mark is in the mode now so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday night we went down to the lake to visit Mark’s dad and stepmom. We went out to dinner  with them and got talking about the deck. My father in law immediately volunteered to draw out the plans for me. Because, you know, he’s built three decks and he’s an expert.

I probably should tell you something. If you look as far to the left as you can possibly see, that is where my father in law stands. If you look as far to the right as you can see, that’s where my father stands. Why should I have told you this? Well, my beloved husband suggests this morning that it would be a good bonding experience for his dad and I if we built the deck together. He almost said that with a straight face. I informed him that the only thing to make that scenario a bigger nightmare would be if we added my dad to the mix. Well, I’ll tell you right now I regret uttering those words. He jumped all over that.

This brings us to Twitter. I feel I must tweet all of Mark’s brilliant ideas!

My kids are the only ones who can really understand the full scope of what this terrifying scenario entails because they know both of them. Ann’s opinion of that idea wasn’t good enough to satisfy Mark that it was stupid. So he calls Michelle.  “Hey, I suggested to your mom that my dad and her dad should help her build the deck but Ann and your mom think it’s a bad idea.” I couldn’t hear the other end of the conversation but I’m fairly certain it was the same terror that Ann and I both feel at the thought. Then he said to her (because he’s kind of an ass sometimes), “So do you think this is a worse idea than a wedding at Wildwood?” Silence. Smiles. Smirks.  “OK…so, we’ll be having the wedding at Wildwood, then!”

Some day I’ll tell you all about the wedding at Wildwood story.


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