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It’s A Dangerous World

It has been a grueling few days. I tell myself sometimes that I shouldn’t work so hard. But it’ll all be worth it in the end. We’re getting the patio expanded.  Finally!!!  It’s been years (literally) in the planning. I finally convinced my husband to bite the bullet and I couldn’t be happier about it. Although, I have to say there are some downsides.

First off, I have to show you this. It looks like too much fun and Mark REALLY wanted to ride it. I gave him an emphatic “no fucking way!!!”

So…any idea why I don’t think Mark should take a turn behind the wheel?  Or, ah, LEVERS!  He’s dangerous. Not to be trusted on anything that can do *that*!!

Whenever we do projects, I always take away souvineers.

Those are holes from the steel rake that I was using to move gravel. Why, yes. It felt every bit as good as you might imagine.

This is not very spectacular. And you may have no idea what you’re looking at. Well…on the pointer finger knuckle closest to my palm, I managed to miss the rebar with the little sledge hammer and cracked my hand instead. It doesn’t look bad at all in the picture!  Clearly I’m whining at nothing.

Maybe this will conjure up some sympathetic noises:

Oddly enough, this didn’t hurt as bad as the hand did. My big cart that I pull behind the riding mower was leaning against a tree. I moved it so the skidsteer driver could move some dirt. I totally misjudged where it was going to fall when I pulled it away from the tree. Cranked me right on the knee (obviously).

In the grand scheme of things, this project has been the least injury-producing of most of my projects, so I’ll be considering myself lucky. The end result will be totally worth all the pain.

The concrete pour is Saturday morning. I got all the rebar banged into the existing slab (which is barely visible in the shadows). I still have to cut the long sheets of mesh and get them tied in sometime between now and then. It started raining tonight while I was doing the rebar. Hopefully tomorrow will be dry so I can finish the ground work. I can’t wait to be done. I may never leave the patio area once it’s finished. 636 square feet of outdoor living space!

Anyone wanna come over for drinks?


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