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Plodding Along

Do you know that it’s been ten years since I’ve been planning on putting a deck on the back of my house? Ten years!!!!! Every spring something always comes up that takes precedence over the deck. This year it has been Wildwood, my place of the grid. Mark loves it up there! Loves it! All he wants to do is go up there every weekend and we’ve spent a lot of time working on the new lots. When we took our walk the other day I mentioned that while I’m excited about the new lots at Wildwood, that I would like some balance and have similar energy put into our HOME! Not our play place, but our HOME! I may come to regret that conversation.

I was on my way home the day after that conversation I got a call from Mark asking where I was. When I said I was on my way home he said, “Good, because I’ve got the cart hooked to the lawn mower and we’re ready to dig as soon as you get here.”

You see, there are phases that must be done in order to get my deck. I have to have the patio expanded. In order for the guy to come dig out the patio area, we have to have the dump truck load of gravel delivered. In order to have that delivered we have to have a place to dump it. The driveway has been in disrepair for years because we’ve used the grassy patch next to the asphalt for storing the 4-wheelers, trailers, kids vehicles, etc. Not only that, about 8 years ago we had a load of dirt dumped right there that I filled my front flower beds as I built them. This has added to the muddiness when you pair excess dirt with vehicles parking, with rain, sleet, snow, ice. Needless to say, it’s a mess. So that area had to be dug out because part of the load of gravel will be to spread over the driveway and make it more useable.

Soooo. Dig out the driveway. Move the dirt somewhere. Bring in the gravel. Bring in the guy with the Bobcat. Build the frame. Pour the footers for the deck. Pour the concrete for the patio. These are the steps that will be taken this fall. It’s the closest I’ve come to my deck and I’m totally stoked. However, my body is dog-tired!  This might be why:

Out of all those beds, only one did not need to be topped off with dirt. The soil that we dug out up front is much higher quality dirt than the load we had brought in to fill these beds a few years ago. A lot of the dirt has settled and the beds needed to be topped off. I have no idea how you measure dirt, but the back two beds are 6X6 and the left one got four inches depth added, the right one got eight inches depth added. The other beds (eight of them @4×4) got anywhere between two and four inches of depth added to them. All that sand shoveled by hand. Since the garden was designed based on a normal wheelbarrow, we had to use a bucket to hand over the fence and fill the beds. The cart for the lawn mower is too wide. So…digging and  lifting. Lots of fun, people!

Then we had to fill in this:


Then we filled in this bed by the big shed. This is about six feet by eight feet and we filled it with six inches depth. On the other side of the rocks (to the left) is a bunch of really rocky dirt that we spread to even it out and make it a little more level.


There is the bare, empty driveway. No wave runners (still sad about that), no trailers, no kids cars. Just an empty driveway waiting for gravel so that I can get my dog-goned deck!!

My neck, back, shoulders, arms, (did I say back?) hurt! But it’ll be worht it, so I’ll keep on plodding along!


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