Here’s one of my pet peeves: People who are teaching a class, yet not knowing what they are talking about.

Case in point #1:

When I was a teenager I was in Sunday School class and the teacher READ the lesson out of the manual. Right up to the point where she said, “Ask the girls….oh. I’m supposed to ask you…” and then she asked the question. It bugged me then. It bugs me now.

Case in point #2:

Over the weekend I went to a Tastefully Simple party. Now, I’m sure that the product is a very good product, but I couldn’t get past the dealer saying, “Now, on page 23 & 24 you’ll see….” and then she would begin reading the description of each item.

Things like that make me crazy! Or, should I say, “Crazier!” It’s not like I have to be entertained, but if you’re selling something, whether it be religion or soup mix, make me believe that YOU believe what you’re saying! Reading from the manual does NOT accomplish that!