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Cruising Down The River

Last spring my friend from work, K, found some information on the Race To The Dome and we decided to sign up. Originally, it was supposed to be in July, but due to the river levels they had to postpone it until October. We waffled back and forth on whether to do the 26 mile race or the 15.8 mile race. She wanted to do the 26 mile, but as the voice of reason, I convinced her to do the shorter one. Turns out I was right. Even as fast as the river was moving, we still had to paddle quite a lot. It was a fantastic day! Perfect weather.

See that in the distance? That’s fog! It caused the race to be postponed a little, but eventually lifted and allowed us to get on with it.

Mark was nice enough to take a picture before he just left us there! Poor guy, had to get out of bed early to get us to the race on time.

Hanging out in the canoe waiting for the starting foghorn to go off.

The leaves are just starting to turn colors, which made for a beautiful trip down the river.

First glimpse of the dome! We felt like we were almost there, but it was still a good, long way to the finish line from here.

Coming in to the finish line. We were two tired little chickies!!! From the waist up, it’s like one large, stiff muscle.

What a morning! It was awesome. I will totally do this race again. I think next year, I want to do kayaks. K and I talked about it on the way down and thought we’d see if we couldn’t borrow her friend’s single-person kayaks for the race. Whether we do a canoe or a kayak, we’ll definitely do the race again. Proceeds go to the Missouri River Relief Fund, so it’s a great cause!


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