I Hope That’s Not A Train!

Remember the rule about when the category is "POP?"  You know, the rule that says there's about to be way too much information shared? Well, looky here. The category is "POP." If you're squeamish, walk away! If you don't know the story and aren't squeamish, check out the posts in the category and get up to speed because … Continue reading I Hope That’s Not A Train!

Unnecessary Roughness

Please forgive me for this, but it has had me giggling so hard all day long. One of my dear friends who moved away a little over a year ago posted this on Facebook and I couldn't resist sharing it ever since. It was all I could do to refrain from sharing it on my … Continue reading Unnecessary Roughness


It's been sixteen months since my hysterectomy. Sixteen months since being thrown head-first into menopause. Sixteen months of dealing with the issues leftover from the bungled surgery. Sixteen months of struggling to figure out what all of this means. Then it happened last night. I had my very first hot flash. Seriously, I should be … Continue reading Ruh-Roh