WOW. Just WOW!

Sometimes I think Facebook can go to hell! I have hidden more people because of religious rants or hideously far right or far left wing political commentary. It drives me berserk. Facebook should be fun! It should have silly comments and conversations. It should entertain me. Cause you know…it’s all about me!!  Hah.

This following isn’t a rant, but makes me a little nuts anyway.

Growing up Mormon, tea was always against the rules. End of discussion. But then everyone wanted to discuss it. Make exceptions as to what type of tea was alright versus what type of tea was actually against the word of wisdom. It’s like: tea is against the word of wisdom, but I want to drink tea, so I shall find a way around it. The first step towards hypocrisy! Used to drive me crazy. Well, just one of the things about the church that drove me crazy.

So, in the 36 comments (and yes, I read them all because it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from) that black tea was OK. No, it’s green tea that’s OK. No, it’s herbal tea that’s OK. No, Starbuck’s Passion tea is OK because it’s fruity and sweet. Then it’s teas without caffeine in it are OK. THEN an explanation directly from the church’s manual that says no tea and no coffee. Period. End of discussion. Done with. Yet,  everyone continues on, justifying their own personal belief (read: rationalization) of what it actually means.

Therein lies the problem with religion. For centuries people have been arguing about what the proper interpretation of scripture is! For pities sake! Do what you feel is right for YOU and live in a way that brings you peace and quit arguing about it and discussing it on Facebook!!!

Now, pardon me while I go pour a glass of wine!

/end rant!


6 thoughts on “WOW. Just WOW!

  1. What I want to know is when Doet Coke became okay?!? I have always referred to root beer as “Mormon Coke” because that was the only brown soda we were EVER allowed to have. So when dld carbonated caffeine become acceptable?

  2. LMAO!!!!! So, you watched the train wreck, too?? I can’t even tell you how many friends I’ve hidden because of stuff like this. Since this thread was less preachy than justification, I’ll let her remain seen. 🙂 Is that rude??

    “Follow blindly little sheep. Move along.” You are friggaliggin hilarious!!!!!!!!

  3. *quietly chuckling to myself*

    My favorite was the girl saying “if such and such is against the wow I’m screwed cuz I drink it every day”. So much for knowing what you believe in. Follow blindly little sheep. Move along.

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