Too Much Cute

I’m a slacker!!  I totally forgot to show you my new baby!! Oh my goodness, he’s so freaking cute I can’t hardly stand it! He weighs one whole pound! He’s just so teeny. I figured that Bandit would be really happy to have a playmate, but she spent the whole first day or two hissing and spitting at him. I guess Tippy showed her that that is the way you treat other cats. It’s been four days now and they are chasing each other up and down the hall and seemingly enjoying each other. THAT is why I got another cat. So that Bandit would have someone to hang out with while we were at work each day. I realize it’s kind of silly since cats tend to be solitary critters, but Bandit is so social it seemed like she was always lonely. So, we got Smokey!

Smokey’s first day at home. He was a little timid. this picture just cracked me up.

His eyes are blue. I don’t know if they’ll stay that way, but they’re so pretty.

Mark and I had to run some errands the day we brought him home. He asked if I thought we should put the cat downstairs while we were gone. I said, “No, he’s too little to be able to climb on the furniture.” This is where he was sitting when we got home. Happily watching “Cat TV.” I think it was really his first experience being able to sit and watch the great out of doors! He was born in a dark mobile home.

Believe it or not, I’ve got about a hundred pictures of the kitty. He and Bandit have had Mark and I laughing our asses off this week. They’re chasing each other up and down the hall. Bandit’s quite a bit quicker and will jump over him as he’s running from her, then she turns around to face him and he does that cartoon character motion of trying to stop and turn and run the other direction on a slippery hardwood floor! He doesn’t pounce on anything. He jumps straight up in the air off all fours at the same time when he’s jumping on something. Cracks me right up!

One thing I had forgotten about baby kitties. It’s like having a newborn around again. Up at 3am because he thinks that’s the best time of day to play! I’ve been pretty exhausted all week from the lack of sleep. Tonight? I’m going to shut the bedroom door and make the cats sleep in any other part of the house but my room! If he would sleep at the foot of the bed like Bandit and Tippy it would be alright, but Smokey wants to be close enough to feel you breathe! I don’t remember how we convinced the other two cats that the foot of the bed was their sleeping spot, but Smokey had better figure it out quickly or he’ll be banished from my room forever.

And that is all the brain power I’m able to muster! Good night ya’ll!!

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