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One Moment In Time-Football

Some of my very earliest memories are from when my family lived in a little town in Nevada. Kind of in between Lake Mead and Las Vegas. I was around five years old. I have earlier memories than living there, but most of my in depth memories (verus a snippet here and there) began in this little podunk town.

Not all the memories from that time are happy ones. But what is clearly imprinted in my treasure trove of blissful memories is Sunday football. My younger siblings would find this very hard to believe because they grew up in a house where TV on Sunday was forbidden unless it was church related or a Disney movie. But when I was a little girl my dad watched football on Sunday afternoons.

I don’t ever remember it causing a ruckus between him and Mom. She didn’t seem to mind that he watched. I could be wrong about that, but I don’t remember there ever being any angst surrounding football. What I do remember is curling up in my dad’s lap and watching games. I would quiz him about what was happening and he patiently explained the game of football. Note: my brother reads this so I feel like I have to clarify that the explaining he did back in those days is NOTHING like the explaining he does nowadays on Every. Single. Topic. Of. Conversation!  Put a bullet in my head at the thought of his explanation of anything these days!!  Anyway, I digress. Where was I?

Ah, yes. I would curl up in his lap and he would patiently explain the game of football. I was fascinated with the sport. Each week I would ask him,

“Daddy, where does the team in the yellow live?”

“They live in Pittsburg.”

“Is that far away or close?”

“It’s far away.”

“What about the team in the blue. Where are they?”

“They’re in Dallas.”

“Is that far away or close?”

“It’s far away.”

“But, Daddy. Which one is closer?”

“The one in the blue.”

“OK. That’s who I will cheer for.”

As I think about it now, I realize I must have driven my dad insane with all the questions. But back then I didn’t feel like I was a bother. I don’t know if that’s where my love of football began. All I know is that I love the game. I love the fierceness of it. I love the strategy behind it. I love the strength it involves. I love everything about the game. To me, it is the essence of nostalgia!


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