We went up to see Jenna last night. She was having a bit of a rough time. Sounded like she was going to gack up a lung. The workers said that she’s been battling a respiratory thing for the past three weeks. They put a breathing mask on her a couple times a day with medicine in it to help get rid of the infection, but it’s a slow process. The last few times we’ve seen her she’s been doing so well and looking so good…bright eyed and bushy taled, you might say. Not so much last night. She was just tired and worn out. Hopefully she’ll get feeling better.

It was a very nice evening so we took her for a walk down to the park. She just didn’t enjoy it like she normally does so we cut it short. Poor little thing. Just so worn out. I can’t imagine being trapped in that body. *sigh* She’ll feel better at our next visit.