Glutton For Punishment

In Mark’s quest for the perfect deal, he has been searching and searching for some new lots out at Wildwood, our place ‘off the grid.’ We found what we thought would be perfect. It was two lots together. It had a cement slab on it already. It had a holding tank. It had a huge shed. It had a view!

The red shed over there…that’s the lot…from the view in the woods.

Here’s the view from the lot. The sun sets just on the other side of the lake. It would have been perfect except for one thing. The current owner.

Have you ever met that person who thinks their shit is more valuable than anyone else’s? Well, that was the current owner. He had his lot priced so high because of that view. As he mentioned over and over and over again, it’s the only lot on the property that has a true lake front. The lot also has a 40 x 15 foot cement slab that the current owner poured with his own two hands.  THIRTY years ago! And that’s worth somethin’ ya’ll!!! Only it’s cracking and needs some repairs. So. One old man. One over priced lot. One husband who won’t buy something unless he can steal it. Equals – we didn’t buy the lot.

We bought this instead:

Oh yeh, Baby! Talk about your fixer upper! There are five dead trees on the property. There’s a rusty, falling down, broken up shed. There’s overgrown everything on it…trees, weeds, shrubberies that the previous owner planted and then didn’t take care of.  It’s going to be a whole lotta work. But…we got it for a song! Mark was going to offer him double what we paid. When he talked to the old guy about buying the lots the old guy jumped at the chance and said he’d call back with what he thought was a fair price, so Mark let him name the price and was prepared to do his wheeling and dealing that he loves so well. When the old guy gave us his price Mark was stunned. He goes, “How much?” and the old guy repeated the price. Mark just goes, “Well, I guess I could do that.” When he got off the phone he just burst out laughing and said, “You’re not going to believe how much I have to pay for those lots!” And he was right. I could barely believe it.

So, while it’s a fixer upper, it was dirt cheap which leaves us a lot of cushion to do with it exactly what I want to do with it. And believe me, I’ve been drawing up some plans! The best part is that I can still afford to get my projects done at home also. The first place…I would not have been able to get my deck. Everything has a way of working out. Now I’ve got to roll up my sleeves and get busy because there are things to be done!

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