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When I was a kid my dad got this new game called Acquire. It was the most mind-numbing, boring game ever invented. All to do with the stock market. Truthfully, I can’t remember even how it was played because when the box came out of the closet I would head for the hills. Good grief, I hated that game!

These days I play my own game of Acquire. And it’s much more interesting in real life. Mark and I kind of go in phases. For a while it was all about the wave runners. We started off with a couple small ones, then realized that it is plumb loco to go onto the Lake of the Ozarks on a small wave runner, so we found a good deal on a large on and traded in one of the small ones. Then we found a great deal on another big one…a perfect match for what we already had. So we got rid of the last little one and bought another big one. Mark can’t pass up a good deal. His motto is, “If I can’t steal it, I won’t buy it.” And he is the king of the good deal.

Our friends bought a play place at a property called Wildwood. It’s a great place where there are acres and acres and acres of 4wheeling trails. So Mark decided it would be a good idea to get a 4wheeler so that we could go up and play with them. This acquisition became an obsession with him. He was forever on Craigslist looking for deals. We bought junker bikes. Some that we bought were more for parts rather than riding. We had a 4wheeler grave yard behind our shed, but by god, Mark was good at fixing up the damned things.

These friends got transferred to Texas and needed to sell everything. Mark jumped at the chance to buy their lot. You’ve heard me talk about going off the grid, well…this is the place off the grid. We have so much fun relaxing, playing, socializing, drinking, just basically getting away from the stressors of life. We have reached our next phase of the game of Acquire! We have been looking for an additional lot. Mark wants to build a cabin on a lot so we have a permanent structure out there that we don’t have to winterize every year. Currently we have a 32 foot camper, so it’s nice to have air conditioning but we want more. Naturally.

Today we signed the papers. We bought two lots side by side. We are so excited about this and have big plans. We’re not quite done becaue his dream has always been to have four lots together to give us plenty of room for when my family comes out. The two lots next to the ones we bought are very good possibilities so Mark is still on the hunt for that perfect deal.  Wanna come play?

I like my game of Acquire much better than my dad’s!


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