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The Good Life

Fall is here at last. Or is it? We’ve had such a terribly hot and muggy summer and then like gangbusters the temperature dropped. And fall was here. So we did what any reasonable Mid-Westerner would do. We shut off our air conditioner and opened up all windows. The nice, chilly nights are perfect sleeping weather.

And then. THEN, it did what Missouri always does. It got fucking hot again! I guess I should rephrase because it’s even too hot for *that*!!! So we watched the weather and it said two days of heat, so we decided to not waste the energy and turn the air back on to cool off the house again. After all, today was going to be five degrees cooler than yesterday (mid-80s). That’s tolerable.

I’m totally lying, ya’ll. That’s not tolerable with no air conditioning (first world problem). It felt hotter in the house this evening with cooler temps outside than it did yesterday with warmer temps. It’s absolutely miserable.

I was in the TV room sweating my ass off watching the finale of Design Star (from yesterday) and noticed that Mark was nowhere to be found. I hollered down the stairs thinking he’d gone to the basement to watch TV, but he said, “No. I’m outside! Bring a drink and come out here. It’s perfect!” And he was right. We’re sitting on the back patio having a refreshing drink, feeling a nice cool breeze, just enjoying the night air. Life IS good!


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