Gone, Baby, Gone

Searched until dark. No luck. The only things we saw were about a dozen deer and one cute red fox. Jack ass up the street said, “Well, I hope she’s found a place to hide because the farmers have been having issues with a panther.” Fabulous! I thought she might be able to survive one night by herself. I have no hope that she can survive two. A declawed housecat has no business being alone in the woods.

Here are some pictures I took the day before she bolted:

Once the weather cooled down and we shut the a/c off and opened the windows she spent her time in front of the door or the windows. She was fascinated with what was going on out there. However, the sound of the door opening freaked her out and she would run and jump behind the couch. Well, every time except that one time!

God, I love her little face!!!

Nope, she’s not bored. The sensory overload is just exhausting! Even her tongue is cute.

I think she was wondering why I get to go outside and she doesn’t. Um, because I don’t freak the fuck out when I go outside.

This is what will forever be etched in my mind when I picture her. She has the most beautiful eyes of any cat I have ever seen. So piercing. And so blue.

As I was taking the pictures above I wrote a post that I had planned on publishing this week until my plans for the week were sent into complete upheaval!

Since we were going to be gone from the house for three straight days I felt bad for the kitty. She is constantly wanting to play and have someone with her. Tippy stays outside most of the time and can’t really stand Bandit, and the dogs are outside most of the time, too, so she would virtually be all alone in the house for the whole time we were gone. So we brought her with us. It was her first car ride since she was spayed and declawed last April. She did not approve! Eventually she settled down and went to sleep and it was only a 40 minute car ride, so all in all, not too upsetting for her. Once we got to our place off the grid I put her down in the camper to let her begin exploring. Very quickly she found that she could go behind the couch and have her own personal little cave. The camper is built to sleep nine (HAH). Two in the main bedroom (queen size bed). Three in the back bedroom (futon size bed plus a top bunk). Two on the couch that folds down into a futon size bed. Two on the kitchen table. Yes, you read that correctly, the kitchen table can come off its legs, drop down onto a rail at the seat level, toss the two back pads onto the table and you’ve got a full size bed.

Theoretically you can sleep nine. With my long legged crew, one person sleeps diagonally on the couch, one person sleeps diagonally on the back bedroom bed, the short one (hi, Michelle) sleeps on the top bunk, and no one has ever used the table as a bed. Actually, Matt and Janel have slept on that full size bed in the back bedroom, but it’s squishy and you can’t stretch out.

Anyway, I totally digress. Bandit found that she could jump behind the couch and have a whole little area all to herself. Underneath the couch is open storage, which we don’t use. The camper sits on an unlevel lot and at multiple points since we’ve owned this lot it has been level. As time goes on, it loses it’s levelness and we have to go readjust. The first “tell” that it’s not level is the door. It begins to stick and makes a horrible sound as you open it. This fuh-reaked the kitty out the first time she heard it open and she high-tailed it up and over the couch to the safety of her little cave. Every single time on Saturday she would dart to her cave. Even when I would be going, “It’s just me, Bandit. It’s just me.” In the highest, squeakiest, safest sounding voice I could muster. She didn’t care if it was just me. That door was scary! By the end of the day on Saturday she had calmed down a little and didn’t get so whigged out by the opening of the door.

Saturday overnight it rained. The temps went for triple digits on Saturday to 70s on Sunday. So we shut off the air and opened up the windows. Sooooo, in addition to getting used to a new place, she now had lots of new sights, sounds and smells coming in through the open door. This is where she perched all day Sunday!

Talk about your sensory overload!

I can’t believe how she engraved herself in my heart in the ten short months that she lived with me. Best case scenario is that she wormed her way into one of the families that lives in the area. Regardless of the scenario, I am going to miss the little shit!


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