Say Cheese!!

I’m foregoing (is that a word?) this week’s One Moment In Time for something a little different.

Last weekend I spent hours upon hours in front of my computer taking an online photography course. It was focused pretty much on commercial photography, and doing photoshoots inside a studio, but there was a full day of technical training that I found so useful. I learned a ton about concepts that I’ve been struggling with. I have a very basic understanding of aperture versus shutterspeed versus ISO and I felt like this course helped me to understand that a little bit better. During the weekend when the teacher would say something that struck me, I’d pull my camera out, set everything up like he had his camera set up and start snapping photos. I took probably 20 pictures of a bunch of bananas that was sitting on my counter just to figure out depth of field. I have pictures of my necklace and earring that were sitting on the table playing with different lighting techniques. It was fun and informative.

On top of that, I ordered a new lens…a 50mm that I have already fallen in love with. Between those two things, I’ve pretty much been in camera geek heaven. Keeping in mind that I am nowhere near a professional (hell, I don’t even think I’m anywhere near an amateur), here are some of the pictures I’ve taken over the past week:

I took this before my class. Just playing with my new lens. Hot damn, isn't she totally adorable??
I love this picture, mostly because it's my cute baby.
I love that her face is in focus and her body and everything in the background is out of focus and faded.
The quality of this photo doesn't do a thing for me, but I love that I lucked into catching her mid-yawn.
I almost feel like I should include pictures of bananas since I mentioned them earlier, but I’m not going to.  I love this whole photography thing. It’s a ton of fun for me. Slowly, but surely, I’m figuring it out. Such a long way to go, but I’m having a ball on the journey.
If you’re interested, the place I took my class was creativelive dot com. They have a ton of free courses. They’re taught in a live streaming format, with the option to purchase the course so that you have it to refer back to. And…no, they aren’t paying me to say nice things about them. I was just impressed and want to share.
Editor’s note:  I added a ton of other pictures but they didn’t post. I totally need to go figure out what the problem was. I will have to figure out what happened later.  Major fail!  Weird.
Edited again: All the pictures were in my gallery. Not sure why they didn’t post the first time. Gremlins, I’m thinking! Maybe time for a margarita!

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