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You Know You’re A Redneck If….

Riding the waverunners I noticed that the one I was riding was beginning to lose power. This is no good when Mark is flying way ahead of me. God forbid I be the loser.  ::pouty face::

I let him know that it was kind of cutting in and out when I had it full throttle, but when I had it half throttle it ran fine. And really, folks. Where is the fun in running half throttle?

So he pulled a thingamajig out of the waverunner and brought it in to show me.

Sorry the photo is blurry, but the itty bitty kitty was every bit as interested in looking at the crack in the hose as I was and she kept climbing on my hand.   So… there is a crack in the thingamajig that releases exhaust and the exhaust then gets trapped inside the cavity of the waverunner and the waverunner can’t breath and the engine gets no power, therefore I was losing.  ::pouty face::

After some checking on line Mark found a replacement hose. 125 bucks!

Voila!!  Good as new!  5 bucks for duct tape!  Score!!

It’s not “redneck.” It’s “frugal.”


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