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The Kind Of Sh*t That Makes Me Crazy

I spent a while the other day getting all of my pictures from Jackie’s wedding posted to facebook so that my friends and family could see them. I sometimes wonder why I even have facebook.

My family has been pretty good lately about not making church type comments to my posts. But I have some friends who like to make “gardening on Sunday??” type comments, or “Maybe you should have been at church.” type comments, or “Wouldn’t have happened if you’d been in church.” type comments. For a while I quit posting things like “Wow, it sure feels good out on the lake today” type comments if I was out on the lake on a Sunday because inevitably I would get a comment about the appropriateness (or lack thereof) of such activities on the Sabbath. As rude as it is to say, I began hiding people who were making such statements. I realize that they can still see my posts, but the people who comment like that typically post things that I view to be very preachy. And I’d just rather be the ostrich and bury my head in the sand and not see those posts. However, I hate confrontation so I don’t unfriend them. Just hide them. Cause I’m a chicken-shit!

Anyway! I had a picture of Jackie and her new husband just as they came out of the doors of the temple after they were married, but in my “description” of the picture I made the horrendous mistake of calling it a “building” rather than the appropriate term: “Temple.” Well, here. See for yourselves:

Why do I let stuff like this bother me? It was a simple statement but it bugged me so much! Probably because this person is the most notorious for commenting on my Sabbath day UNobservance. Sometimes I want to scream, “I am NOT the same person you went to college with!!” or “I do not live in the BUBBLE anymore!” or “I know it’s a freaking temple because I was standing OUTSIDE of it while my daughter got married INSIDE of it!!”

But I don’t do any of those things. I just quietly go crazy and contemplate just deleting my whole facebook account.


Edited @8:24pm to add:

I have to tell you how fantastic my “little” brother is. I got notification of a new post on one of my photos and went to take a gander. Here is what I found:

Building noun: A structure with a roof and walls, such as a house, school, store, or factory…or temple. Structure, edifice, building, construction, erection (maybe not appropriate for this picture), dwelling? does it really matter what word she used to identify the “building” she just walked out of. from this day forth i will be offended when people call my house a house because i refer to it as a castle.”

I laughed my ass off and shuddered all in one fell swoop.


5 thoughts on “The Kind Of Sh*t That Makes Me Crazy”

  1. “I know it’s a freaking temple because I was standing OUTSIDE of it while my daughter got married INSIDE of it!!”

    I’d have gone with option #3. So ridiculous.

  2. I couldn’t resist posting a comment on your picture 🙂 i’m not afraid of confrontation, especially when people are being douche bags and/or messing with my family. don’t fret the retards who live in their little bubble. it will burst sooner or later

      1. Oh. Was that inappropriate? Meh. I don’t know how I got so hilarious. One day leaving the “building” the mantle of the lord fell upon me and…..blah. I was probably just born this way.

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