Hold Me, I’m Scared

If you’ve been hanging out here with me for any length of time you know that I love photography. There is so much to learn and I’m having a ball learning all about my camera. Light. Shutter speed. Depth of field. Things that used to mean nothing to me are suddenly starting to make a little bit of sense. There isn’t much that makes  me happier than being out with my camera and taking pictures of…whatever strikes my fancy.

Well, this past week a friend of mine asked if I would do the pictures for her sister’s wedding. Suddenly, I have no clue what depth of field is. Shutter speed. What the hell is that? And where did the term F-stop come from and why should it mean something to me? Since agreeing to shoot the wedding I’ve had more than a few freak out moments. I am NOT a professional photographer. I’m a hobbyist at best.

What if I suck? What if the pictures look like crap? What if I ruin her whole wedding experience because her only memories are sucky, sucky pictures?

I have a few months to get some more practice in, thankfully. But I am so nervous. I’ve never been paid to take pictures before and it makes it all feel so, um…different. Advice, anyone??


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