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The Almighty Interwebz

I spent four of seven days last week without internet service. There was a time in my life when this would not distress me. Now is not one of those times. I have grown so accustomed to having information at my fingertips. Conversations at my fingertips. Entertainment at my fingertips. It’s this whole world of happiness to me and I love being connected to it.

Early last week when it went down I grumbled a titch, but didn’t grouse too badly because I was still able to check any website I wanted to from my phone. Thursday night when it went down I did more than a little moaning and groaning because Mark was working out of town and when I’m home by myself I need to be connected. Otherwise I get bored. How sad and pathetic is that?

Friday evening when it still wasn’t up I pitched a fit. Mark checked the wiring all the way out to the box (whatever the box is) and said there was no signal at the box.  I kept myself busy doing other things (getting ready for the wedding trip) and by 9pm the internet had come back up. It’s all magical and mysterious how that works.

Well, Sunday Mark, Matt and Michelle’s SO were heading off the grid to ride 4-wheelers and I was going to stay home and get my hair colored and highlighted, get packed, try and get things ready to go. About two minutes before Mark I lost service again. By this time I was peeved! Mark said he’d check the cabling as soon as he got home and then call Mediacom if he couldn’t find an issue inside the house. And off he went.

I started getting some things taken care of but it was just pissing me off more and more that I’m paying a monthly fee for a service that didn’t work half the time, so I went onto my friendly Twitter from my cell phone and I said this:

Apparently, Mediacom does not like having their name defiled on such a large platform…you know…me and my 40 followers and within a few minutes I got an email stating that Mediacom support was now following me. And seconds after that I got this on my Twitter feed:

I sent them my account information and received this in response:

I laughed at that comment and said right out loud, “Of course you’re showing everything is fine on your end!!” I work in the telecommunications industry and one of the most frustrating things we deal with is the local telephone companies that are always saying, “Well, we’re testing the lines good at the demarc. It must be the PBX.”  Nine times out of ten my techs can prove without any doubt that the problem is with the carrier and not the PBX. Perhaps this skews my way of thinking when I hear someone say, “It’s not us. It’s you!”

Well, my dear folks. I took their advice and went down to reset the router One. More. Time! And you’ll never believe this! The internet came back up! It’s a miracle!  ::rolls eyes::

Nothing like the consumer being able to take companies by the balls. It makes me nervous a little bit because my most recent task at work is to get our social media marketing up and going. I hope I don’t get any hateful tweets like that.  Yikes.


4 thoughts on “The Almighty Interwebz”

  1. I was certain you were going to have your own Dooce vs Maytag battle. I must admit, I am a little disappointed it was fixed that easily 😉 Well, just for my entertainment, glad it was fixed quickly for your sake!

    1. I wasn’t expecting anything. Judy venting. When I got a quick response I was all…Hmmmm. I’m glad I didn’t have to go to Dooce-length extremes ro get it taken care of.

  2. They’re totally full of shit that it was fine on their end. I used to work for a satellite company. First thing I’d do was send a signal to the box and then it would work. I’ll bet money they did something like that and that’s why it came online 🙂

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