One Moment In Time

One Moment In Time-Apple/Tree

One week from today I gain another son! Jackie is getting married on Friday and we really liked her soon to be new hubby. He’s very nice, funny, a little on the snarky side (albeit quietly and under his breath).

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Personality-wise, Ann is the apple to my tree.  Looks-wise. Hands down, Jackie is the apple.

Here I am at three months old:


Here is Jackie at three months:

I was a little bit chunkier baby than Jackie. Obviously, Jackie is a little more colorful than me.

She has carried that smile with her throughout her life. She has met every challenge, every disappointment, every trial with a smile on her face and her head held high.

Jackie’s soon to be sister in law emailed me this week and asked if I had a few stories to tell about Jackie during our post wedding family luncheon. The thing that comes to mind is the way that she has always been uncomplaining in her world. When she was very young (I don’t quite remember how old she was, but it was old enough to talk) she got quite sick and we ended up in the emergency room because she was struggling to breathe.  She had some sort of infection that was causing her larynx to swell shut. They did a breathing treatment on her to open up her throat and sent us home with the direction to wrap her up in a blanket and take her out into the cold winter air when her throat started swelling again because it would reduce the swelling and make it easier for her to breathe.  She slept out on the couch during the night so that I could easily hear her if she was having trouble. Every few hours I would wrap her up and go sit on the front porch with her until she began breathing easier again. Around 4 or 5 AM she was having trouble again so out I went with the blankets to bundle her up in. As I was carrying her out the door she looked up at me and said, “Please can we stay inside. I promise to breathe.” It broke my heart to hear her pitiful little voice. I apologized to her and out we went for our last snuggle of the night.

That is how she handled everything. She may not like to do what needs to be done, but she’d do it anyway. Stalwart to the end. As she enters this next phase of her life I wish her all the happiness in the world.


2 thoughts on “One Moment In Time-Apple/Tree”

    1. Thanks! The thing is, she does NOT read it!!! Although I’ve toned it down a bit over the past little while, my blog is not family approved. 🙂

      Oh, and BTW, congrats on the baby girl alien you’re growing! That’s very exciting.

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