Ride A Little Pony

I know Friday is normally my One Moment In Time, but I had to give you one last glimpse into my vacation. I could not get enough of this place!!

Last Thursday most of the family went into Denver to hit the water park. Mark and I aren’t huge water park people (even though the pictures everyone brought back looked like a hellacious good time) so we decided to go horseback riding instead.  My buddy Johi, over at Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl, recommended a ride that would be perfect for us after I explained to her what I hoped to see during the ride. She was spot on, too, because the ride was everything I hoped it would be.  The beautiful scenery as we climbed up the mountain (my kind of hike…let the horse do the work), the crisp mountain air, the look on Mark’s face as he’s trying to get in the saddle. Perfect day!

I can totally hear Golden Granite going, “What the fuck???” The cute little thing that was helping Mark (holy hell, Johi, she looks just like you!!!!) kind of sized him up as she was assigning horses.  Another guy that was in our group was clearly a big guy and she immediately called for Big Jake for him to ride.  Then she began looking Mark up and down. I said, “Trying to find a large enough horse?” She laughed and said, “So you noticed.” Something that Mark and I are pretty used to. One time when we were zip lining Mark assured the guide that he was under 230 pounds. The guy made him step on a scale!  I thought I’d laugh my ass off over that one. I, on the other hand weigh a LOT more than what I look like I weigh.

I got to ride the fabulous Prince Charming!  How many girls can say that? (wink, wink) And he was a prince of a horse. Beautiful, sure footed, a real gem.

Check out the view! It was perfect.  How many times over the past few days have I used the word “perfect?” It really is majorly beautiful country.

It was a great day!  So much fun.

2 thoughts on “Ride A Little Pony

    • There is nothing like riding in the mountains!!! My uncle takes a two week trip with his horses up to Montana every August. He always begs me to go along. They ride in until it’s too difficult for the horses to go, then set up camp and do day hikes for a week, then they ride back out.

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