Where The Wild Things Are

All the wild animals I showed you yesterday have nothin’ on these wild things!

Forty Five of us awesome peeps! Trying to get everyone to sit still for the picture was a major feat!

Lots and lots of people. It’s no wonder that it was more than 100 emails at the very beginning of the planning trying to decide who would be in charge, what week we thought would work for the most people, and where we thought we may want to go. If everyone would have participated in that discussion it would have been well over 100. But, as is common in my family, the minority makes the decisions for the majority because the majority never feels like responding to family emails. And my, oh my, are the minority talkative!  Hard to imagine, I’m sure.

I have a couple of favorite pictures and they’re both of my little nephew. He’s a feerless little shit and wanted to be thrown around. Here he is with his dad. He had just run so his dad could catch him and throw him in the air.

This next one was after we had family pictures and he found a big rock to jump off. He wanted to jump to his dad.

See, no fear! Either that, or an inordinate amount of trust in his dad! Or a little of both. Can you imagine having that level of trust in someone? I may or may not have a few trust issues.

I wish my other kids could have been there with me. Don’t worry. That’s not Ann’s baby. She just kind of is drawn to my youngest sister’s kids. They love her and she adores them, so she’s always got one of them hanging on her.

Lovely time in the mountains!

4 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are

  1. Wow! Those pictures of your nephew are amazing! Especially the second one. I could not imagine having that level of trust in ANYONE.
    We are currently planning a family get together for next month and you are totally right “the minority make the decisions for the majority” hapens in my family too! 🙂

    • I think every family has that same sort of division. We’re kind of divided into “total planning nazi” & “I can tell you what my next two weeks will look like” and “define ‘plan’!!” I’ll never tell which category I fall into.

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