Rocky Mountain High

There is nothing like a natural high that comes from being in a stunningly beautiful place.  I can’t tell you the number of times during the week that I said, “Every time I come back to the mountains I wonder why I ever left in the first place.”

This is the Continental Divide.  I took this as I was riding up the side of the mountain on horseback.

This is the view from the master bedroom of my brother’s house.  I could easily wake up to that view every morning.

This is the view from Trailridge Road. The scary road that goes up the mountain with no guard rails.

This is the Loch. We went on a huge hike to get here, but it was totally worth the sore calves and quads the next couple of days.  So beautiful. I wish the pictures actually did justice to the area.

Alberta Falls. Originally, we were going to just hike up to the falls, but the Loch was only another 3 miles so we decided to continue on. Record snow fall this year made for very spectacular water falls.

I have no idea what this place is called. I called it Big Horn Meadows because supposedly it’s where the Big Horn come to eat.  We never saw a single sheep, though.  More than slightly disappointing.

This is Alluvial Fan Falls. Oh…and that’s me and my family. Or at least part of my family. These falls were gorgeous and all the kids had a ball climbing on the big rocks.

The water at the falls was ice cold. Holy hell, I thought I’d freeze my tootsies right off.

The falls came around just to the left of the big rock where the kids are sitting.

I have over a thousand pictures from my trip. I’ve been trying to pare it down a bit and figure out which ones are the best. I haven’t quite gotten that far, so you’re stuck with the ones that looked alright from a thumbnail perspective.

This ends the guided tour of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Stay tuned. There may be pictures of cute fluffy animals coming up.


4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Holy Wow! I really miss the mountains in NY, though in the town I’m from they’re no where near as impressive as yours. Every time we visit I stare at them to soak in the views to last me until our next visit. I live on a peninsula in coastal VA…there are barely hills here 😦

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