At One With Nature

Soon I will be heading to the mountains.  Do a little hiking. Do a little horseback riding. Do a little site seeing. Do a little visiting with my family. Do a whole lotta camping! Getting ready for such an event has been all consuming!

I camp very rarely these days.  The Hilton is my idea of a great camping trip, but I try to suck it up when I go to family reunions.  I bought a fantastic tent a few years back so that I could have plenty of room to move around, and store luggage. It’s the only time I’ve used it. When I returned home from that trip I loaded up the bins that I keep my camping gear in and threw it all into the storage room. When we bought the big shed I moved all the camping gear outside. It was perfect.  When I go camping, now all I have to do is grab the big bins, throw them on top of the van, and head for the hills.  Simple, right?

WRONG!  I can’t find my fucking tent! I’ve used it once and I can’t find it!  It isn’t in the shed. It isn’t in the storage room. It isn’t in the garage. It’s like the damned thing just got up and walked away. Mark and I have been wracking our brains trying to figure out if we loaned it to someone. It’s an awesome tent. Someone may as well get some use out of it. We keep coming up empty. As a last resort Mark will stop by our place off the grid and see if, for some reason, we would have taken it up to the shed out there. If it’s not there, I guess we’ll have to settle on our old, red tent. There’s not enough room in there for two queen size beds. How the hell are we supposed to sleep comfortably if we can’t get both air mattresses in the tent.  I guess Ann and Michelle could just sleep on the (gasp) ground!  (Don’t worry, girls…we’ll find the tent).

Aside from the tent issue, I can’t even count the number of emails that my sister and I have sent back and forth just talking about our road trip out west. Do we want to stop for meals or do we want to eat in the vehicles? Do we want to leave before the sun comes up or do we want to sleep without setting an alarm? Do we want to stop at a hotel or do we want to bum off our brother who lives a couple hours from the campsite? You know. All the important information that you should plan for before we even begin to set up camp.

And then there’s the issue of the packing lists. Oh my god, ya’ll. The list! I have a basic list that I use when we go on cruises and I’ve modified it for camping. My sister, who is quite the little planning nazi, was telling me (via chat that she just figured out yesterday gmail was capable of) that her daughter was feeling this weird overwhelming urge to make a list of things they needed to get ready for the vacation. So my sister gave up her list and said to go ahead and type it out.  I asked her if she wanted to see my list.  She immediately responded that yes, she did. Even my planning nazi sister was impressed with my list, as was her daughter!  See, we train them young in this family. After today Michelle wasn’t such a fan of the list. She was tasked to take inventory of the camping gear to see what from the list needed to be added to the gear. (This is how we discovered the missing tent.)

All this will be totally worth it when I get to breathe that fresh mountain air! I can’t wait! The mountains are one of my favorite places on earth!

Less than a week!

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