One Moment In Time

One Moment In Time-The Master Plan

If you’ve been following my ridiculous ramblings for any length of time you’ve heard me say that the projects around my house are never done.  There is always something to do.  I was looking through photos the other day and came across some from my master bedroom when we first moved in more than a decade ago.  I had a free flow waterbed, ya’ll!  Like it’s still the 70s or something!  Really!!  A California King waterbed.  Saying “California” and “waterbed” in the same sentence makes me feel like I should be lighting up a bong or something!

Check out this masterpiece!

Oh my goodness, so boring!!  And don’t you love the lacy, 80s style curtains?  What about the stark, drab eggshell walls?  We won’t talk about the unmade bed and piles of clutter.  That bed was so damned huge that we had about two feet on three sides to walk around.  Ridiculous!

So I did this:

I ripped out the carpet!  I had checked to make sure there were hardwoods underneath like there was under the carpet in the rest of the upstairs and was happy to see that there was.  Well, I got halfway through the room, and apparently, there was an addition at some point in the house’s life because there was only subflooring.  So I got some laminate (which I’m not crazy about anymore, but I liked it when I redid this room) so that I could cover up the distinct difference in flooring.

Then I did this:

I ripped out the little itty bitty closet and made two large closets.  Not walk ins because the footprint didn’t allow it, but I made the whole length of the wall into closet space. And I painted it a light, olivey green color, and got rid of the wood color around the windows and painted it bright white.  Notice the laminate flooring.  It’s called Brazillian Oak.  It’s pretty, but it’s slipperier than all get out.  Poor Jake has a hard time getting his fat ass up when he’s laying on my bedroom floor.  He doesn’t have trouble with the real hardwood floors in the rest of the house, but that laminate is slick.  I’ll never do that again.

This is what it became:

And here is a view of some of the accessories I used (oh…I put on different lampshades after I took this picture.  It took me a while to find ones that I liked, so the lampshades aren’t that bright white…I’ll go take a picture of them).  The curtains look like they have pink flowers in it…weird, because they don’t. They’re red like the red in the comforter.  *shrug*

I love the furniture.  And I have so much more room to maneuver now!  I like that part best of all.

OK, I took a picture of the lampshade:

See, way better than the white ones that came with the end table! 

And you’ll never guess what? I’m tired of it already and want to redo it.  I have plans to take out the wall between the guest room and TV room and make it into a master bedroom suite.  So after I do that, then I’ll redo the master bedroom again and make it into a guest room.  When I do the master suite, I will finally have my walk in closets that I have wanted for so long.  And I’ll have a bathroom in the master because that’s part of the plan.  However, I have a patio, deck, and kitchen to do first.  So it’ll be another ten years down the road before it happens.  *sigh*  Never-ending.


5 thoughts on “One Moment In Time-The Master Plan”

  1. Wow I already know what your bedroom looks like, awesome! In all seriousness, I love it. I know you want to redo it and all but I just want to say that it DOES look so nice and peaceful right now. The way you describe the way you want it also sounds fab, with the walkins and ensuite bathroom.

    I could say right this second I have a master bath and walkin…and you’d be all jealous right? Well, my BR literally has about 4 square feet of floor space, and is bright blue and has no window treatment beyond mini-blinds. I am not kidding when I say it has enough room for the one sink vanity, toilet, and tub/shower combo. The door is so warped it doesn’t close…we do our bidness in other bathrooms. And my walkin doesn’t even hold my and hubs pathetic wardrobes. I can “walk in” to it, and that’s it! Just a bumped out space /sigh. I have big plans though, for when we can afford it. It will be AWESOME!

    Never ending is RIGHT!

    1. That sounds like my son’s master bath. It’s so teeny that there is no way he and his SO can even *think* about showering together. And you can barely sit at their toilet without your knees bumping against the door. Small! 🙂

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