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Time To Make The Donuts!

Anyone old enough to remember that Dunkin Donuts commercial??  The old guy with the mustache dragging himself out of bed at ungodly hours of the morning so that he could make the donuts!

Yah, it’s kinda like that!  Only it’s not time for me to make donuts.  It’s time for me to tend the garden. 

We start off with this:

Blueberries!!!  All ready to pick. Which gives me this:

YUM!  I don’t know what to say besides that!  They are sweet!  I always thought the organic berries I buy at Sams are good, but holy hell, they’ve got NOTHING on the berries straight off the bush.  Warm and dirty, baby!  Warm and dirty!  I don’t know how many I ate straight off the plant.  I did save enough to have for a snack right before bed.  They’re in the fridge chilling a bit.

Then there’s this:

And with a little loving care and a sharp knife, it becomes this:

And then, FINALLY, becomes this!

I think Mark picked some stuff out of it (probably the baby Bellas, which didn’t come out of my garden, duh), but I was in heaven!!  So yummy!!


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