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Shouting From The Rooftop!

Remember her?

Look, Ma! I'm happy!!

I posted pictures of her (along with some of her sister) from Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember how I said it wouldn’t surprise me if I got wind of an engagement before too long?  Well, the wind blew!  And the news arrived!  She’s engaged.  Shocking!!!  /sarcasm

She called me last Tuesday to chat, which she never does, and I told her then that I hoped that we didn’t scare the boy off and she laughed right out loud and thanked me and the whole family for NOT continually asking if they were going to get married.  Making comments about a wedding.  That kind of thing.  It seems they went with his family to Idaho because his sister had a new baby and all they got all weekends were comments:  So, when are you going to be part of our family.  I’d love to have you for my sister.  Do I hear wedding bells?  His mother even went so far as to lift up her left hand and check for an engagement ring and then said to her, “Just checking.” 

So, in our chat on Tuesday she informed me how awesome I am by letting them have a perfectly enjoyable vacation without receiving the third degree.  The most that got said the whole weekend was the day they were leaving.  Mark said, “Are we going to see you again?” And the boy said, “I hope so.”  That was it.  We are AWESOME!  We win, we win, we win! 



Not a competition.

But if it were, Mark and I totally win the points for being the coolest parents!!

OK, moving along.

That was Tuesday’s conversation. 

Saturday afternoon I was sitting at my computer and Mark was talking to some very good friends of ours. Their wedding anniversary is in August and they thought the best way to celebrate would be for the four of us to go on a cruise. To Hawaii!!  Mark’s ears perked up and he said the word “cruise” to me and I perked up.  I’m in withdrawals, you see.  It’s been over two years since I’ve been on a cruise ship.  (first world problem, I know!) He said he would talk it over with me and we’d discuss money, time away from work, etc.

He had just hung up his phone and my phone rang.  It was Jackie.  Two calls in one week NEVER happens and I knew before I even picked up the phone what the news was going to be.

Me: No hello, just, “Two calls in one week!!  What’s the special occassion?” A little bubble burster there, sorry.

Her: “Momma!  I’m getting married!  August 5th.” I could hear the giggle in her voice!

Me: “Of this year?”

Her: “Yes, silly, of this year!”

Mark heard her say “married” and “August 5th” and he picked up his phone, called our friend right back and said, “Well. We won’t be going on a cruise with you because Jackie is getting married on the 5th.”

I asked her if she wanted me to plan a reception for them in Missouri and she said no.  They weren’t coming out here for a reception.  I asked her about invitations, if she needed help with them.  She said no.  They would be sending them out within the next three weeks.  I told her that I had some pretty good “engagement” pictures!  She said, “I know.”  She has a link to my Picasa album so she’s got all the pictures and will pick one for their announcements. So, my daughter is getting married, and the mother of the bride has nothing to do.  Except get out there for it.  I’ll talk about the logistics of that another day. She did give me a list of rules about discussing it.

  1. She doesn’t have her ring yet so they’re not announcing it to the friends and family out there in Utah (side note: this means that I was the FIRST one she told!  I win, I win, I win…sorry, couldn’t resist). Because of this, I can’t post on Facebook.
  2. She wants to tell her sisters and her grandparents so I’m not allowed to say anything until she’s told them.  I can live with that!
  3. It’s OK for me to tell my siblings.  She knows I’m going to want to call Julie.  But I have to wait until she’s had a chance to tell her sisters and grandma.

I was busting at the seams and wanted to tell someone the good news. It just so happened that I was in the middle of a PM with one of my DoCo girls so I told her.  She did not apply to any of the criteria laid out by Jackie so she got to hear my news whether she wanted to or not! 

Then I had to call CareBear, even though she kind of was in the criteria of people not to tell because she lives in Utah and the Utah people weren’t supposed to know yet because Jackie doesn’t have her ring (blah, blah, blah), BUT I had to make arrangements for a place to stay.  So I made the call:

Me: “So, do you think it would be OK if I crashed on your couch for a couple of days in August?”

Her: “Sccccrrrreeeeaaaammmmmm!!!!!” and something thrown in there asking if I was kidding.

Me: “Whoa, I can just ask someone else if it’s going to be a problem.” (smirky-smirk laughter cause I’m a bitch)

Her:  “Sccccccrrrreeeeaaaammmmm!!!!! You better NOT stay somewhere else!”

Me: “Jackie’s getting married Aug 5th.”

Her: “Scccccccrrrrreeeeaaaammmmm!!!!!”  (happy dance, happy dance)

Me: Some version of swearing her to secrecy.

I’m hearing noises in the background.  Her husband asking about all the screaming.

Her: yelling out to him (without bothering to cover the phone with her hand) “Mark and Cristy are coming to stay for a few days in August because Jackie’s getting married!!!” 

Way to keep a secret!!  Haha!  Love you, CareBear!!

OK, moving along.  Ann finally called me last night and the first words out of her mouth were, “Michelle better call me because she follows me on Twitter!!!”  So, Ann also was needing to say something about it, but can’t put anything on any social media either!  Glad to have some company!  We discussed the logistics of travelling out to Utah three weeks after we get home from out trip to Colorado for the family reunion.  Yes, her timing sucks!!!

Later that night my phone rang and it was my mother.   She was inviting me to dinner on Father’s Day.  Clearly had no clue about Jackie’s engagement. She then said she was going to call and invite Ann so as soon as I hung up I texted Ann, “Grandma’s calling you about fathers day not Jackie. Heads up for you. I don’t think she knows yet.” 

The general concensus is that Jackie needs to get on the stick and get these people called!!  I have some shouting from the rooftop to do and she’s cramping my style!


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